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Thirteen "development plan to promote China's lighting industry to enter a new cycle


"July 28, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 13 ministries issued a" semiconductor lighting industry, "thirteen five" development plan "(hereinafter referred to as planning) notice, aimed at guiding China's semiconductor lighting industry development, cultivate new economic momentum, Energy saving work.
Planning, proposed by 2020, China's semiconductor lighting technology continues to break through the continuous improvement of product quality, product structure continued to optimize the steady expansion of industrial scale, industrial concentration gradually increased to form more than one sales exceeded 10 billion yuan of LED lighting business , To cultivate 1 to 2 international famous brands, about 10 domestic well-known brands; to promote OLED lighting products to achieve a certain scale applications; application areas continue to broaden the market environment more standardized, from the semiconductor lighting industry to lay a solid foundation for the development of power.
As early as 2012, LED lighting ushered in the development of the golden period. As the threshold of LED lighting technology is low, resulting in a large influx of capital, many companies have cross-border into the field, in this environment, LED lighting market usher in a vigorous growth; also indirectly spawned the "price war", " Qualitative "and other vicious competition. 2015 is known as the LED lighting market, "winter", the overall market growth rate fell significantly, many listed companies revenue and net profit are "cliff" landslide. During this period, some of the capital without relying on the small and medium enterprises in the war disappeared, according to incomplete statistics, only 2015 China's LED industry, nearly 4,000 small and medium enterprises closed down.
And into the 2016, especially in the second half of 2016, swept the entire lighting industry, the price tide and environmental storm is to let the enterprise "everyone is insecure." Have to say, LED industry as China's 11 new industries, in the country's strong support under the vigorous vitality. March 20, 2012, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology and other three ministries and commissions, "2012 semiconductor lighting products financial subsidies to promote the project" for domestic public tender, for the first time to promote the promotion of LED products.
Since 2012, with the LED more and more attention by the government, every year a group of LED companies more or less to receive the relevant government subsidies. According to the town of light statistics, three security as the LED industry, "subsidies", the past five years has been from the government received 2.5 billion subsidy, the amount of subsidies mainly from the "MOCVD equipment subsidies" and "technical research and development of special funds "And Hao Hao Runda, Hua Can photoelectric, Ouyang Shunchang, Chint Electric, trillion Chi shares, sunshine lighting, Li Yade, Fei Le sound and Op lighting lighting industry has become a major subsidy of the government, its subsidies The amount has reached 100 million above. Such as Mu Linsen, Hongli Zhihui, Changfang Group, Wanrun Technology, Mao Shuo Power, Lianchuang Optoelectronics, Chau Ming Technology, Jia Wei shares and Foshan lighting and other enterprises in the past five years are also subsidies in the tens of millions The
It is necessary to say that government subsidies become an important part of the annual profits of many enterprises, subsidies to some enterprises have more abundant capital to implement the acquisition, expansion and demand for new profit growth point, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises; but this is inevitable Resulting in some enterprises rely on subsidies to maintain the "results" phenomenon.
In addition, some local governments to attract foreign investment incentives also led to the concentration of industry. For example, on March 20 last year, the Nanchang Municipal Government Executive Committee has considered and adopted the "on the Nanchang Optical Valley, LED industry to promote the development of a number of policies", the new policy focus on supporting the development and application of silicon substrate LED technology, to promote its rapid Do big scale. At the same time, to further improve the industrial chain, bigger industrial scale, the formation of industrial agglomeration, build "Nanchang Optical Valley", and strive to achieve the goal of 50 billion yuan in 2020 to achieve the goal, Nanchang government in the land, Enterprises to support, to attract photovoltaic enterprises settled. Under the guidance of the government, China has built Nanchang, Xiamen, Yiwu and other LED industry center group, which further makes the LED industry chain more concentrated.
In the "semiconductor lighting industry," thirteen five "development plan" after the promulgation of China's LED industry development will be more standardized and sustainable. The future of the country will push the industry leading enterprises in the emergence of benchmarking, and thus the international well-known large enterprises. Although the LED industry chain in China has emerged as a large number of well-known enterprises such as San'an Optoelectronics, Op lighting, NVC Lighting, National Star Optoelectronics, Dehua Runda, Foshan Lighting, Wood Lynn and so on, but relatively large foreign companies such as Philips, OSRAM , GE lighting, etc., still have a small gap.
From the large lighting platform announced the "2016 LED hundred enterprises" point of view, ranked first in the NVC Group in revenue is only about 8 billion, which is only equivalent to OSRAM a quarter of revenue only. Therefore, China's LED business performance and international giants are not in the same grade. The planning mentioned that the formation of more than one sales exceeded 10 billion yuan of LED lighting business, from the current point of view, NVC Group, Feile Audio, San An Optoelectronics, Mu Lin Sen and Op lighting from the total and growth rate is The most hope to achieve the first breakthrough LED lighting business.
At the same time, the planning also proposed to cultivate 1 to 2 international brands, from this point of view, China's LED business "sea" problem will be normalized. In the past two years, China's LED companies are keen on foreign high-quality mergers and acquisitions, like Feile music after two years to achieve full holdings of thousands of years, the company completed the European Chamber of Commerce's general lighting business Langdevens acquisition, Konka Group 1 billion acquisition of Toshiba China lighting business, etc., which shows that the global lighting pattern is undergoing a change, the global LED is becoming China.
Under the guidance of national policy planning, China's LED business overseas brand building will speed up, whether it is the acquisition of overseas well-known brands, or overseas channel construction will enter a new development cycle.
At the same time, the plan also mentioned to promote OLED lighting products to achieve a certain scale applications. As the saying goes, wine is not afraid of alley deep, OLED lighting unique light, soft, low power consumption, transparency and other advantages of the characteristics, so that in many areas set thousands of pet in one, leading the fourth world lighting revolution. OLED as a new generation of mainstream lighting technology, has many advantages. With the continuous upgrading of OLED technology and the upgrading of production capacity, its application area is bound to greatly expand, OLED industry will also usher in a new layout.
According to IDTechEx, OLED lighting panels will reach more than $ 1.8 billion in market size in 2025. This is because OLED lighting has a key feature of disruptive technology: if the lm / W and $ / klm and other standard industry quality factors (FOM) point of view, OLED lighting technology is not as expected, the price is too high; but it can Creating new markets that focus on innovative FOM, such as large area launches, lightweight and flexible. IDTechEx believes that OLED lighting can use these different factors to develop a series of niche market, and use its accumulated industry experience, in the existing areas of progress gradually.
In addition, the plan proposed, through the national science and technology programs (special, fund, etc.) to support the semiconductor lighting base and common key technology research, speed up materials, device preparation and system integration and other key technology research and development, OLED lighting material design, device structure, Research on Key Technology of Industrialization. Through the industrial transformation and upgrading of funds and industrialization demonstration projects and other channels, and vigorously promote the independent intellectual property rights of silicon substrate LED technology and product applications. Guide products from attention to light efficiency to a variety of photoelectric indicators to jointly improve and enhance the LED products to enhance the light quality and light quality, and create a more secure, comfortable, efficient and energy-efficient lighting environment. Strengthen the LED lighting products, automated production equipment research and development and application, improve product efficiency and quality. Promote intelligent lighting, emerging applications and other technology integration and application demonstration.
Materials, device preparation and system integration and other key technologies are the weakness of the domestic LED lighting business, only to master the core technology, can really master the right to speak. Prior to the patent issue, Philips lighting "group v." Chinese lighting companies, and billion light and the date of the patent disputes come and go, which are exposed China's LED industry in the core technology of the missing.
In the past time, the rise of China's LED lighting industry to a large extent dependent on China's traditional manufacturing advantages, both in the cheap labor costs, or convenient industrial chain supply and demand, which makes Chinese enterprises to become the lighting industry Main force. However, with China's manufacturing advantages and further narrowing the gap between foreign countries, China's lighting industry want to achieve a breakthrough and development of quality, you need to work hard in the core technology.
At the same time, with the Internet of things, 5G and other emerging concepts, the emergence of technology, the future of intelligent lighting will become a new point of competition, domestic and foreign lighting companies are actively layout of this area, this time the core technology is no longer stay in the material, , Control technology, system integration has become a new requirement.
The current state to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, LED lighting enterprises not only to carry out technological innovation, the future needs more in-depth integration of automation, improve product efficiency and quality to meet the emerging applications such as intelligent lighting.

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