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Semiconductor lighting industry development into the accelerated period


Although the current domestic LED companies and international giants compared to there is still a certain gap, but can be seen that the country will push the industry's leading benchmark enterprises in the future, and thus compete with internationally renowned enterprises.
To further enhance the overall level of development of the industry to guide the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology and other 13 ministries jointly issued on the "semiconductor lighting industry," thirteen "development plan" (hereinafter referred to as " ) To guide the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry, cultivate new economic momentum, promote energy-saving lighting work, and actively respond to climate change, and promote the construction of ecological civilization.
"Planning" proposed to promote the development of semiconductor lighting industry will play what role? China's semiconductor lighting industry development opportunities and challenges? In this regard, the China Economic Times reporter interviewed CCID-IC Institute of Integrated Circuit, deputy director of Ge Jie.
Adhere to innovation and lead the semiconductor lighting industry with remarkable results
China Economic Times: At present, China's semiconductor lighting technology innovation and industrial development and other aspects of what has been achieved?
Ge Jie: As mentioned in the "planning", "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's multi-sectoral, multi-initiatives to jointly promote semiconductor lighting technology innovation and industrial development, industry, technology, business, application and other aspects have achieved remarkable results The
First, from the industry point of view, with the global ban on incandescent lamp plan to gradually promote China's semiconductor lighting industry overall showing a steady growth trend, more than 500 billion yuan in 2016, nearly five years, the average annual compound growth rate of more than 20%. In particular, since last year, the upper chip, device prices rose as a whole, LED chip products rose an average range of about 10-15%, mid-range packaging device prices rose 5-10%. Import and export, since 2011, China's overall export growth rate of lighting products remained at a high level, the export growth rate of lighting products remained at 10% or more.
Second, from a technical point of view, China's LED industry, the key technology and the gap between the international level to further narrow, has become the global LED packaging and application products important production and export base. In the LED epitaxial materials, chip manufacturing, device packaging, phosphor and other aspects have emerged with independent technology property unit technology, formed from the upstream material, chip preparation, intermediate device packaging and downstream applications of relatively complete R & D and industrial system. In particular, silicon-based LED technology as a result of three technical routes continue to make a breakthrough, the level of international leader in research and development.
Third, from the enterprise point of view, LED listed companies outstanding performance, the overall profit situation gradually improved. Faced with the application of market demand and competitive situation, LED companies to seek mergers and acquisitions in order to strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises and profitability.
Fourth, from the application point of view, market segments are further concerned. Small-scale display, automotive LED, mobile phone LED flash and other market segments are concerned; bio-agriculture light (San'an Quanzhou plant), light medical, communications, safety, disinfection and other innovative applications will become a new stage after the alternative growth point And long-term growth momentum. More and more LED companies will move to high-margin market segments. Large enterprises with capital markets, through the integration of mergers and acquisitions, and further gather the advantages of resources, continue to become bigger and stronger. Small and medium enterprises are required to deepen the market segment, do fine to do, in order to find a way out.
Homogeneity trend to be changed Standard system to be sound
China's economic Times: With the cloud computing, large data, artificial intelligence and other rapid rise, China's semiconductor market demand continued rapid growth, the market gap is large. At present, the semiconductor lighting industry is facing obstacles and challenges?
Ge Jie: In the context of semiconductor lighting intelligent, cross-border integration, business model change and other development trends in the background, China is facing two major challenges: First, product quality competition, quality to be improved. LED lighting into the threshold is relatively low, the product has a homogeneous trend, and mainly concentrated in the low-end, the lack of differentiation innovation. At the same time, enterprises in order to compete for the market, with low-end products, sacrifice performance to reduce costs, the product is cheap, the quality of the phenomenon is not guaranteed, which also led directly to the LED industry market product quality varies greatly, the price of chaos.
Second, the standard needs to be improved, the core intellectual property rights to be strengthened. China is facing the standard system is not sound, the implementation is not in place, update is not timely and other issues, LED standards are mostly recommended standards, not mandatory, resulting in some of the lack of attention to the standard and difficult to implement. At the same time, although China has now become the world's largest LED lighting products production and exporting countries, but the lack of independent intellectual property rights, lack of corporate patents, the protection system is basically in a state of defense, become a major bottleneck restricting enterprises to go out.
Policy led the industry leading enterprises are expected to produce benchmarking
China Economic Times: the "planning" proposed to promote the development of semiconductor lighting industry will play what role? The "planning" What are the highlights?
Ge Jie: "planning" from the innovation lead, industrial restructuring, product promotion, market supervision, regional cooperation, coordination and management of the six aspects of the "three five" during the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry, an important direction to further create a good business The policy environment.
In particular, there are two important highlights, one is in technological innovation, adhere to innovation and lead, promote cross-border integration, from the basic frontier, significant common key technology to application demonstration of the whole industry chain innovation design and integration organization and implementation. Through the national level organization of common key technology research and development and production promotion, will greatly enhance China's LED enterprises independent innovation and R & D strength, accelerate the industry towards the high-end.
Second, the implementation of energy efficiency "leader" to lead the action. In 2015, the state has launched a "energy efficiency leader" system to encourage enterprises to carry out energy conservation and environmental protection production, at the same time, a number of enterprises to meet the standards into the procurement list, this once again stressed that the government in the LED lighting energy saving Determination. If the "planning" in the action plan can be implemented, will bring a significant role in China's LED industry.
China Economic Times: "planning" mentioned that by 2020, the formation of more than one sales exceeded 10 billion yuan of LED lighting business, cultivate 1 to 2 international famous brands, about 10 domestic well-known brands, for this, also need In what areas work hard?
Ge Jie: Although the current domestic LED enterprises and international giants compared to there are still some gaps, but can be seen that the future of the country will push the industry's leading benchmarking enterprises, and thus compete with internationally renowned enterprises. At present, with the rise of the domestic LED lighting industry, the emergence of three security optoelectronics, Op lighting, NVC lighting, the Star photoelectric, BDO Runda, Foshan Lighting, Wood Linsen and a large number of well-known enterprises in the industry. In 2016, Sanyo Optoelectronics has achieved sales revenue of 6.3 billion yuan, an increase of 29%; Op lighting has reached 5.5 billion yuan, an increase of 23%; Feile audio sales revenue 7.2 billion, a substantial increase of 42%. In accordance with the current growth situation, I personally on the "thirteen five" to achieve this industry goal is still more optimistic.
In order to achieve the sustainable development of the whole industry, the future should focus on the following three aspects:
First, guide the upstream and downstream enterprises joint research, product cooperation to achieve matching. Around the downstream application areas of the upstream chip technology and the middle of the packaging technology put forward new requirements, strengthen the guidance and focus on supporting the backbone of the industry chain to carry out strategic cooperation, and joint research, to achieve key common technology breakthroughs, product development.
The second is to promote key technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of the whole industry chain. Breakthrough epitaxial growth and chip manufacturing, device packaging, special materials, key equipment, lighting products and key components such as core technology, focusing on the development of high light efficiency, high color rendering, low color temperature LED technology and products. Encourage enterprises and universities to jointly promote the development of new materials and new structural devices, including silicon-based LED technology with independent intellectual property rights, homogeneous epitaxial technology, graphical substrate technology, and industrialization as soon as possible.
Three is aimed at new applications, to seize the development opportunities. To develop LED in intelligent lighting systems, ecological agriculture, health care, automotive lighting and other areas of research and development work to encourage enterprises to target new applications to carry out technological innovation, to seize the development opportunities.

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