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Energy-saving trend led by the global smart lighting industry will usher in new development


Although the current intelligent lighting market is too small, but the future in the manufacturers to actively promote and energy-saving trend, driven by the increase in LED applications and the Internet, the development of intelligent technology, the global smart lighting industry will usher in new development, the market will continue to grow, Prospects are worth looking forward.
Intelligent lighting
Global smart lighting market size
Data show that in 2013 the global smart lighting market size of about 5.757 billion US dollars, of which lamps and related accessories market size of about 1.287 billion US dollars; 2015 global smart lighting market reached 7.83 billion US dollars, the growth is very rapid. According to the current development momentum, it is expected to reach 24.341 billion US dollars in 2020, of which lamps and related accessories market size of about 8.71 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 5%, annual compound growth rate of more than 20%.
2013 - Global Smart Lighting Market Size and Year-on-year Change (Unit: US $ billion,%)
From the competitive landscape, the global LED lighting market presents Japan, the United States, Germany as the industry leader, China Taiwan, South Korea followed, China, Malaysia and other countries and regions actively follow the distribution of the echelon. Future intelligent lighting market distribution, there is likely to maintain the current pattern.
Comparison of the world's major LED manufacturers
It is worth mentioning that, in China's industrial revitalization plan, the semiconductor lighting is also used to enhance the traditional industries, cultivate new industries, one of the key areas, which gives the development of intelligent lighting industry provides an excellent opportunity. In addition, China's sustained and rapid economic growth, power supply situation is becoming increasingly serious, and intelligent lighting materials with energy saving, long life and other excellent performance and wide range of uses, intelligent lighting industry has a good space for development.
According to 2011-2016 China's intelligent lighting industry market size forecast can be drawn, 2022, China's smart lighting industry market size of about 43.1 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of about 23%.
2017 - 2022 China's intelligent lighting industry market size forecast (unit: billion)
The development trend of global intelligent lighting
According to the analysis, the future of the global smart lighting industry will show the following four development trends.
First of all, brand integration will be a major development trend of intelligent lighting. Will be different brands of products to a platform on the biggest benefits, that is, the best products of the brand can be concentrated in a project to improve the home of intelligent. In fact, a wide range of lighting products on the market, if all the equipment is required for the same manufacturer's products, or a system can only use the same manufacturers of all products supporting, is unrealistic. Moreover, the customer in the performance and price is also a lack of autonomy - either overall acceptance, or can only give up all. Unified control platform can be a good balance between the interests of all parties, customers can choose any product, as long as it is also in line with the requirements of performance, so that customers in the budget will have a lot of initiative.
Second, the future of intelligent lighting from the development of pure intelligent function to pay more attention to human behavior of intelligent lighting. Based on human behavior, visual function, visual physiology and psychological research, the development of more scientific content, people-oriented efficient, comfortable and healthy intelligent lighting products, lighting products will be the future direction of technology development.
Third, the development trend of personalized lighting. The combination of intelligent technology and lighting to make lighting to further meet the needs of different individuals, different levels of group lighting, lighting is to meet the needs of ordinary people to meet individual and individual needs of the essential technical means. Therefore, the personalized development should also be a development trend of intelligent lighting.
Finally, the development trend of technology integration. Intelligent technology and electronic ballasts and other new lighting and lighting technology, will build a new lighting technology platform, its application areas from intelligent home lighting to intelligent urban lighting, unlimited broad prospects, and is creating a Brand new high-tech and high-tech content of the lighting culture.

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